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dulces | desserts

Pudin $8
Caramelized apple bread pudding, dulce de leche, candied walnuts

Tres Leches $7
Horchata sponge cake, almond brittle, tamarind

Chocolate $8
Mexican chocolate mousse, shortbread crumble, pomegranate

Churros $7
Signature cinnamon-sugar latin donuts

Flan $7
Traditional caramel custard

café | coffee

Coffee – Shearwater Coffee Roasters

Drip $3
Guatemalan, brazilian, ethiopian blend

Espresso $3/$5
Nossa sonhora single origin, minas gerais, brazil

Cappuccino $4/$6
Espresso with milk and foam

Cafe de olla $4
Drip coffee, cinnamon, piloncillo

Tea – Harney & Sons $3
Chamomile, organic peppermint, citron-green, japanese sencha, hot cinnamon black, organic breakfast

spirit & soul | sip it. don’t shoot it.

“An affordable tribute to some of the world’s greatest spirits.”

Tell us if you ‘like it or love it’ for a ‘single or double’ ounce pour.

Like It/Love It

Whiskey $5/$8
Eagle Rare 10, Kentucky (40% abv)
Bourbon produced in the iconic Buffalo Trace Distillery and aged for not less than 10 years in new American Oak.

Rum $5/$8
Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva Dominican Republic (40% abv)
Originally produced in Cuba, confiscated by the Castro regime in the 1950’s, production was them moved to D.R. Produced in the Solera method for consistency of product.

Brandy $11/$18
Delamain Pale & Dry X.O. Grande Champagne Cognac, France (40% abv)
“Pale” because it is much paler than comparable aged cognacs and “Dry” because its natural sweetness is unaltered in the production process.

Whiskey $11/$19
Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve, Blended Scotch Whiskey, Scotland (40% abv)
A honeyed and harmonious blend of Speyside and Highland Single Malts with a touch of Islay smoke, none younger than 18 yrs.

Fortified Wine $5/$9
Ramos Pinto 10 yr Tawny Port, Portugal
From Quinta de Ervamoira, RP10 is a blend of ports with an average age of 10 years. Rich, smooth and brick red in color, this wine opens the door to the complex world of fine tawny port.

Liqueur $13/$21
Gran Marnier Centenario Orange Liqueur, France (40% abv)
Created in 1927 to mark the 100th anniversary of the house. A blend of Petite and Grand Champagne cognacs up to 25 years old with the essence of wild tropical orange.

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